The training for Security Officers is conducted by the company manager at a basic level of training for our unarmed security officers, which includes:

  • Level One training Test (required by the Texas Private Security Bureau)

  • Level Two Training Test (required by the Texas Private Security Bureau)

  • Introduction to Security Services

  • Authority of a Security Officer

  • Report writing

  • Protection of a crime scene

  • Public relations


Our Armed Security Officers receive specialized training by an approved/certified firearms instructor in the State of Texas which includes:

  • Firearms training and knowledge

  • Authority of a Security Officer

  • Legal issues when responding to a potential threat (The Do’s and Don’ts)

Unparalleled security is our goal, and we start with our highly-trained and certified professionals to give each client comprehensive protection and peace of mind. Contact us to find out more about our officers’ training and certification and to arrange an experienced security force for your business, community, school or event.